15 November 1941– 1st July 2017

Heathcote Williams was an English revolutionary artist: poet, actor, political activist and dramatist, painter, song-writer et al, who spoke truth to power.

I never met him in person, but many friends and acquaintances have told me about his great literary & social achievements, and unfaltering perseverance in translating his beliefs into action. I’ve read two of his books: ‘Whale Nation’ and ‘American Porn’.

I went to his funeral in Oxford (14/06/2017), and wrote the poem ‘Going To Heathcote Williams’s Funeral in Oxford’ which is published today, 4th July 2020 in IT. Click on the link herewith to read my poem:http://internationaltimes.it/going-to-heathcote-williamss-funeral-in-oxford/

’Going to Heathcote Williams’s Funeral in Oxford’ has also been published by New River Press, UK and by Steve Luttrell’s Cafe Review, USA.