15 November 1941– 1st July 2017

Heathcote Williams was an English revolutionary artist: poet, actor, political activist and dramatist, painter, song-writer et al, who spoke truth to power.

I never met him in person, but many friends and acquaintances have told me about his great literary & social achievements, and unfaltering perseverance in translating his beliefs into action. I’ve read two of his books: ‘Whale Nation’ and ‘American Porn’.

I went to his funeral in Oxford (14/06/2017), and wrote the poem ‘Going To Heathcote’s Funeral in Oxford’ which is published today, 4th July 2020 in IT. Click on the link herewith to read my poem: http://internationaltimes.it/ And also to read, see and hear other poets, artists and musicians.

’Going to Heathcote Williams’s Funeral in Oxford’ has also been published by New River Press, UK and by Steve Luttrell’s Cafe Review, USA.