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Heathcote Williams was an English revolutionary artist: poet, actor, political activist and dramatist, painter, song-writer et al, who spoke truth to power. I never met him in person, but many friends and acquaintances have told me about his great literary & social achievements, and unfaltering perseverance in translating his beliefs into action. I’ve read two […]
Adam Horovitz has animated my picture-poem ‘Tis Life, which depicts my encounter with a pill-bug and how kindness may have saved its life when I flung it out of the window, gently wrapped in tissue, alive. Click on the following link to access the INTERNATIONAL TIMES website, the animation, and the poem: — […]
Posted 28th February 2020 Dear friends and Art lovers, We are cordially inviting you to join us next Thursday 5th of March in the Chelsea Arts Club for another launch of ‘Open Windows, Open Doors’, my debut book containing poems, pictures and reflecttions. It is New Departures’ (N:42-43) first publication in a decade, exactly sixty years […]
Featured photo is of Michael Horovitz reading his poems at the Royal Albert Hall in May 1965 for the International Poetry Reincarnation.
Image featured above is a painting by Alan Davie: Fairy Tree No 5 The forthcoming event is inspired by Alan Davie's Work. Michael Horovitz will give a talk about his relation with him and with David Hockney and about the development of New Departures. My debut book 'Open Windows, Open Doors' is the latest New Departure's publication. Michael will also perform his poetry and chant/sing with his band The William Blake Klesmatrix Band (featuring the wonderful Annie Whitehead and magnificent Peter Lemer). I will read from my debut book, and perform with Michael pieces from our customary duet-repertoire. I will also contribute some percussion to the William Blake Klematrix Band.
NEW DEPARTURES & POETRY OLYMPICS request the pleasure of your presence to celebrate the launch of Vanessa Vie's debut collection of Poems, Pictures and Reflections
I am extremely happy and honoured to be playing a part in this celebratory event — The Tate Britain is holding a comprehensive exhibition of William Blake’s works: — sketches, plates, temperas, illustrations, self-portrait and more. I’ve attended the opening but this hasn’t been enough to take in the eternity of this collection. I […]
I cannot tell I am a Social Media Animal but I used to post regularly telling about forthcoming projects, performances and new creations; not for the last six months . . . I have been working on my debut book of poems, pictures and reflections …which I am now happy to announce, is currently being […]