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February’s Blackbird: to John Lennon⇐click to read the poem, the song   Hereunder three clips featuring three different takes of “February’s Blackbird: to John Lennon ♠    Movie on 26-02-2016 at 12.44⇐ click to watch this home-made clip ♣   Movie on 27-02-2016 at 12.53⇐ click to watch home-made clip ♥   Movie on 27-02-2016 at 12.59⇐ click to watch home-made […]
  MANY THANKS to all Friends, Family, Comrades & Colleagues who came to see us performing MUSIC & POETRY – What a great soiree!   OUR ART-WORKs —  STILL @ THE BRIOCHE. We’ll be having a Private View very soon Featured photos by friend Paul Brightwell
Aye! Flies in Winter  ⇐ click to read  Movie on 15-02-2016 at 10.55 ⇐ home-made clip singing the Haiku sequence  
  (unedited work) EPIPHANY SONG ⇐ click on title to read         
Westbourne Finissage ⇐Click on invitation for more details.     “This day — the day we lay our offerings — unbounded”  (from Epiphany song by V.Vie/Jan 2016)   ” Midwinter petals fan the air/where’er thou listeth & similar sent                       iments   Let them fly with yon […]
“… Reinvigorated Virtue, Sara! Sara —  wake up in the morning refreshed! A new cycle has begun —  aplomb To unclench your closed clutched hand” ROYALTIES TO SARA    ⇐ click to read the poem   Frederick the Gold fish : Listening to Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. (Collage, gouache & crayon on paper)    
  Unfortunately, The Idler has closed — hurt by technology & capitalism. It was TRULY RECOMMENDED !  FANTASTIC BOOK STOCK! SUBLIME COFFEE & WORKSHOPS!     →     Idler Flyer  <click to SPY> This morning I browsed through the first pages of a book by Carlo Rovelli — “Seven brief lessons on physics”  to discover that […]
  We are recording songs & poems — More details will follow CD SOON AVAILABLE   LYRICAL-SOUL-MATES   Vanessa Vie & Michael Horovitz are recording at Moving Finger Studios ( Bishops Stortford )