Adam Horovitz has animated my picture-poem ‘Tis Life, which depicts my encounter with a pill-bug and how kindness may have saved its life when I flung it out of the window, gently wrapped in tissue paper, alive. This poem heads section I of my book ‘Open Windows, Open Doors’; section dedicated to Nature and Innocence. [click on link below]


When I first posted this animation in Facebook, a woman wrote a comment saying something like “Wouldn’t it have been kinder to gently put the pill-bug outside into the grass or soil rather than throw it out of the window?” . My reply is that I didn’t throw it, I flung it with kindness and the intention of keeping it alive, trusting in its power and skill, knowing that the landing wouldn’t kill it. I’ve saved plenty of spiders and other insects in this way before from being swatted by humans.